London is calling

London is a universe in itself. You could live your entire life there and still eat at a new restaurant, or drink at a new bar every single night. Not only is it a profound place of culture, but it is a unique place where cultures meet, creating arty and fashion that transcends boundaries. 

When the Romans set up the civilian town Londinium in 43 AD, London was the size of modern-day Hyde Park. Fast-forwarding to Tudor Britain in the 1400s-1600s, London had one bridge across the Thames, Southbank, and Southwark began to develop.  London became a profound commercial and trading center in Europe. Trade grew outside of just neighboring European countries, reaching Russia, the Mediterranean, and even the Americas. 


Queer nightlife

Today, London remains a worldwide hub of global trade and finance, and is now home to over 8 million Londoners! Modern-day London is famous for its nightlife, pubs, bars, and clubs. There is something for everyone here -from high-end cocktail bars to raves to underground queer chill-out spaces. 

While Soho is known for its queer scene, (ranging from karaoke bars to drag performances and general queer fun), London has many queer hubs. To get away from the commercial hype. of Soho ventured to Hackney, Camden, Dalston, and Vauxhall! Expect live music of all different genres, scandalous performances, and the most amazing community vibes. 

London Experiences

Brown Suga - Xmas Party

London, United Kingdom

December 17 2022· 5 hours

Brown Suga - Xmas Party

Xmas Party filled with Lip-Sync takeover, DJs,  QTIPOC, queer women, non-binary and trans folks

Online  LGBTQ+ History with Drag Performances

-, United Kingdom

March - April· 1 hour

Online LGBTQ+ History With Drag Performances

Understand London's secret LGBTQ+ history & culture with an activist with live performances from a drag king and a drag queen.


Big Queer Energy Night-Out in London

London, United Kingdom

November 18 2022· 5 hours

Big Queer Energy Night-Out in London

Expect to see either talented live acts, racy cabaret, vogue balls, rich discussions, art exhibitions, & hidden gems unknown to most locals.